Development Of Organic And Non-Organic Herbal Farmings.

Organic Farming Which Reduces Farm Operations & Labour Expenses. We Help To Develop Farm Information Systems. We Also Facilitate The Market Linkage To Farm Produce.
Benefits Of Organic Farming:
Farmers Can Reduce Their Production Costs, Organic Farms Save Energy &  Protect The Environment. Effectively Enhances Soil Nourishment.
Pollution Of Ground Water Will Be Reduced & Even Stopped.
We Guide You Through The Following Steps In Herbal Farming:
Herb Selection, Land Preparation, Seed Selection
& Sowing Irrigation, Herb Growth, Harvesting
Go Green For A Living Planet...!
Types Of Herbs
Aromatic, Astringent & Mucilaginous     Herbs
 Medicinal Herbs
Seeds, Irrigation, Weed,Control, Cultivating Mowing
Organic,Certification, Herbal Cultivation, Organic Fertilization
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 Herbal Farming

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