Calligraphic Art: A Collection Of Commissioned Letter Works

  • Hand-lettering: A Custom, Thought-out Approach. Drawn By Hand And Digitized.
  • Calligraphy Works: Calligraphy Works On Paper Written With Pen & Brush
  • Graphic Design:¬†Calligraphy & Lettering Used In Graphic Design.
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Identity, Custom-made To Be Proprietary And Appealing.

Book Jackets, Title Treatments & Lettering For Editorial Purposes.
Writing As Visual Element Humanizing And Accessible.

Taking Letters To A Visual Expression.
I Work Across Numerous Mediums In Art And Calligraphy And I Am Most Well Known For My Use Of Traditional Calligraphic Flourishing And Hand Lettering In The Context Of My Fine Art.
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Calligraphy Artists

560 North Trade Street, Winston-Salem, North Carolina