Traditional Custom Jewelry

With the true demonstration of the exceptional, our committed focus is to achieve excellence in all facets of design, craftsmanship & service.
Contemporary Design  
Designed to accentuate the fire of her independence, this collection is a celebration of a woman’s strength by pieces that glitter and sparkle. Exemplifying a quiet incandescence that leaves an unforgettable impression.
Pure Gold Jewelry
The intricacies of India’s majestic temples have stood the passing of the centuries. Tanishq pays tribute to the awe-inspiring craftsmanship of these sacred places of worship through its latest range.
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Not just one single jeweler, but an entire ‘high street’ of fine jewelers to your door. you can take a view of extensive platform and range of classic jewels in affordable prices. Exquisite & most affordable line of products with incredible experience.
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Jewelry & Ornament Shop 

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