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Standing Loan
A Type Of Loan Where Payments Are Made Of Interest Only. Repayment Of Principal Is Required Only At The End Of The Loan Term.
Renegotiated Loan
An Agreement Between A Borrower And A Lender To Modify A Loan That The Customer Can Pay In The Given Duration.
Unsecured Loan
Loan That Is Obtained Without The Use Of Property As Collateral For The Loan, And It Is Also Called A Signature Loan Or A Personal Loan.
100% Mortgage
A 100% Mortgage Gives An Individual With Little Or No Cash The Opportunity To Purchase A House Or A Similar Property. The Loan Is Usually Backed Up By Securities, Such As Stocks And Bonds, Currently Owned By The Borrower.
Senior Bank Loan
A Senior Bank Loan Is A Debt Financing Obligation Issued By A Bank Or Similar Financial Institution To A Company Or Individual That Holds Legal Claim To The Borrower's Assets Above All Other Debt And Obligations Details.

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