More stickers for the masses!

Ratchet tirelessly repairs his fellow Autobots, but who fixes the repair-bot? You do! With these:

It's all about the fireball, man. Labels for G2 Dead End:

Plenty of detail to liven up LG Armada Prime:

Introducing Track Meister, in two different styles:

A truly stunning set for Legacy Bludgeon:

Lots of chrome and G1 inspired graphics for the Legacy Core Class Dinobots:

Labels for LG Devcon (feat. Slizardo):

An Autobot Seeker, why not? Labels for LG Nacelle:

Our new Mech Edition category is making its debut!
These sets will focus on converting TF figures into various mechs! We're starting off with Battle Convoy and Valkyrie inspired conversions for ER Prime (and a couple of the recolors), and Maverick.