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The Personal Chef Will Create A Customized Meal Plan, Shop For All Groceries, Prepare The Meal, And Clean Up The Kitchen. Personal Chefs Tend To Be Chefs Who Have Worked In Restaurants, Hotels, Catering Or All Three

Top Famous Recipes By Chef's

Spring Pew Soup
Daniel Boulud’s Deliciously Light And Clean-Tasting Soup. A Mix Of Sweet Peas, Favas, Pea Shoots, Snap Peas And Snow Peas
Salmon Crisps
Thomas Keller’s Salmon Cornets Are A Famous Kickoff To His Luxe And Whimsical Meals At The French Laundry In Napa Valley. Peas
Fig & Flatbread
A Staple At Todd English’s Olives Restaurants Is His Much-Lauded House-Made Flatbread, Topped With Sticky-Sweet Fig Jam.
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Duties Of A Personal Chef 

  • Creating A Customized Meal Plan.
  • Shopping For Groceries (At Markets, Grocery Stores, Etc).
  • Putting Food Away And Storing Properly.
  • Stocking The Pantry With The Client's Favourite Items.
  • Being Diligent With Food Handling Skills.

Personal Chef Cook

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