Offering Authentic Italian Fresh-Filled Dishes

Our Family Has Been In The Restaurant Business For A Very Long Time. Nowadays We Can Proudly Boast Our Reputation For A Well Known Italian Restaurant In Our Area. We Are Famous For The Fabulous Authentic Cuisine, Professional Chef And Dedicated Staff. Choose Any Dish From The Menu Which Can Help You To Experience The Real Taste Of Italy.

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Artisan Breads
Freshly Baked Focaccia, Ciabatta, Seeded Crackerbread, Sourdough, Italian Grissini
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Pate Bruschetta
Silky smooth chicken-liver pâté with pancetta, vin & Parmesan Italian Tartare Sauce
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Penne Carbonara
Crispy Chunks Of Smoked Pancetta, Sweet Buttery Leeks, Lemon & A Carbonara Sauce.
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Great Food, Expertly Cooked

Italian Steak Frites
Italian Fritto Misto
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Italian Restaurant

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