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Behind Every Healthy Pet Is A Genuine Animal  Lover, We Provide The Best Animal Food At Minimum Rates, That You Can Easily Purchase For Your Pet's.

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  Pedigree Small Combo Pack
  • 1 pack of Puppy Chicken 
  • Milk Pedigree(400g) Taste 
  • For Gravy 1 Pack of Pedigree
  • For New Puppy Gravy (80g)
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Whiskas Wet Meal Food
  • 100 Percent Balanced
  • High quality ingredients
  • No artificial flavourings
  • Perfact Vitamins & minerals
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Our Nutrition Philosophy

Super Food Inclusion
Nutrient-Packed Ingredients
Like Carrots, Pumpkin
Nutritional Diet For Rat
Lab-Blocks Are A Complete Nutritional Diet For Rats.
Exotic Dog Meal 
A Balanced Protein To Help Support Muscle Growth As Well As Healthy Skin.
Natural Prebiotic Fiber
Help To Support Your Pet's Overall Digestive Health And Nutrient Absorption

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