Exotic Dining At Multi-Cuisine Restaurant

Exotic Foods Are Generally Foods That Are Not Native To Your Country. Asian Food Can Contain Spices And Leaves That You Rarely See. As Our Food Tastes Expand Many Foods That Used To Be Exotic Are More Common. 

Read Some Exotic Food Recipes

Fried Tarantula

These Can Be Found Everywhere In Cambodia- From Street-Side Vendors To Expensive Restaurants. The Tarantulas Are Pan-Friend With Garlic And A Pinch Of Salt. 

Wasp Crackers

 Wasps Are Caught, Boiled To Death, Dried And Then Simply Mixed Into A Batter Or Dough Of Crackers. The Mix Is Then Stamped In A Hot Iron Cracker Cutter.

Century Eggs

Century Eggs Or Millennium Eggs Are A Chinese Dish In Which The Eggs Of Quail, Chicken, And Duck Are Covered In Ashes, Clay Salt And Preserved For Months.
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