Hi {name},

We hope this message finds you well and we look forward to seeing you at our annual meeting and beach cleanup this Saturday, June 10th at 10 am. In addition to the reminder for our upcoming meeting, we want to take this opportunity to share some important information regarding the safety and security of our beach club.

As our top priority, we strive to maintain a secure and enjoyable environment for all our members. With the removal of the lock at the entrance and the temporary trail access, we have implemented alternative measures to verify membership and protect our exclusive beach property. These measures are in place to prevent unauthorized access and safeguard the privacy of our club.

To ensure a smooth entry process, please only come in via the authorized temporary trail access. King County has made it abundantly clear that the trail is closed and should not be accessed. We encourage open conversations within your families, particularly with teenage children who may be unaccompanied, to ensure they are aware of the necessary procedures to access the beach and can confidently respond to any inquiries about active membership. Talk to your teens if they will be going to the beach unaccompanied, and let them know that if they do not respond with the active membership name, then they will be asked to leave. If this name needs to be updated to more accurately reflect your family, please reach out so we can help with this.

It is important to note that the ongoing construction access has resulted in occasional unauthorized individuals wandering onto our beach property. We greatly appreciate your vigilance and cooperation in validating access of those at the beach and this also helps us all get to know our IBC neighbors. Your active involvement plays a vital role in maintaining the sanctity of our club and protecting the interests of our valued members and our keeping our private property an oasis.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding membership, access, or any related matters, our dedicated board of directors is here to assist you. We value your feedback and encourage you to step up and get involved if you are interested in contributing to the well-being of our club.

Thank you for your understanding and unwavering support in upholding the values of our beach club. Together, we can create a safe and welcoming environment where all members can fully enjoy their beach club experience.

Best regards,

Graham Bury
Interim President

Deb Gerdes
Interim Vice President

Ali Furtwangler



Nino Bice

Check Membership

Does your name show on the list? If not, you need to renew or join! If you have children, please check that your name shows both parents (i.e. heads of household) or that your family knows who is listed as the main member to avoid confusion and uninterrupted access.

Inglewood Beach Club

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