If you are an active 2021 member, you are permitted to go to the beach. Please ensure you are respecting social distancing guidelines if other members are also enjoying our beach.


Special Bylaw Amendments Meeting

April 12 at 7:30pm

Join your Board and other members virtually to get down to business for a special IBC Meeting to vote for important bylaw changes and to have a Q&A about our recent experiences with King County and the City of Sammamish regarding the East Lake Sammamish Trail.

For the most efficient meeting, please review the proposed Bylaw changes here: inglewoodbeachclub.org/draft-bylaws and be prepared to vote yes or no for all proposed amendments as a whole.

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Annual Meeting

May 22 at 10am

At the beach with masks required and social distancing guidelines in place.

Join your Board and other members down at the beach for our IBC Annual Meeting. Normally we start with some beach cleanup and follow with our Summer Kick-Off Party however due to social distancing, we are sticking to business and will be not only discussing, but showing important trail updates and impacts to our beach.

This is a great chance to meet other IBC members, and we will be voting on open board positions (many members of our current board have hit the maximum term limits) and other important membership changes - including important topics regarding the trail update and impact to our beach.

(Note: Per IBC Bylaws, your shares in the beach increase by showing up!)

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President's Message

It’s that time of year, wonderful members of Inglewood Beach Club! It's staying lighter longer and as a board, we decided to have our most recent meeting in person (socially distant of course) at the beach! It was the first time many of us had seen each other in person as we’ve been meeting online since last spring. Even though we were wearing masks, it was far easier to communicate, hear one another’s ideas, collaborate and to share what we’ve learned, face to face. Sitting around a small circle in our beach chairs, we discussed changes we’d like to make at our beach and within the club so that our future members can enjoy it as much as we have. This spring our board is creating a mission statement and list of core values for our club and one of the most important ideas we support is that all future projects at the beach will benefit the membership as a whole. We’d love your feedback! You’re invited to share your ideas or better yet, join our board! (inglewoodbeachclub.org/survey)

As your President for the last several years, I knew the day would come when we would receive information from the County that we could share with you of changes to expect as the paved, King County Park’s trail is completed. As anticipated, there will be changes to our beach, and now we have a clearer picture of what our beach might look like. The good news is that our board has been frugal over the last several years because we were unsure of what costs and expenses we might face during the construction and after, and we wanted to be prepared. We have avoided the cost of printing keys by using plastic membership cards and by installing a digital lock box for new members. Another way we've saved money is by moving to a digital payment system and online communication, including this newsletter, to save on printing and postage. We have placed money in an emergency fund for removal of trees or other unexpected needs. And best of all, we have money in our account for building the new dock or raft that membership voted on and approved last year, for all members to enjoy!

If you are new to the neighborhood, let me personally welcome you to our gorgeous little hideaway on the lake! When you visit the beach you might meet retired folks who raised their children here in IBC or dog lovers, tossing a tennis ball, or people training for triathlons. It’s a place where families picnic and kids learn to swim. It’s a place for solitude, where you can launch your canoe, and peacefully glide over the glassy waters of Lake Sammamish. IBC is a place where you can escape the screens and read a book under a shady tree or share in a quiet moment away from the noise. And something I’ve learned during my time on the IBC Board, is that Inglewood Beach Club is a place where neighbors become friends. Please consider volunteering, you won't regret it.

Even though it might look different down at the beach in the near future, we must remember that our beach is what it always has been: a private piece of beachfront property along the shores of Lake Sammamish that belongs to us, the members of IBC. Our neighborhood community has had the honor of caring for and having exclusive enjoyment of the county’s land since 1965, but now the county has decided to open the railroad corridor to all.  It is time for us to retreat gracefully to our beautiful 125 feet of beachfront property, for rest and relaxation, fun and friendship and to dip our toes in the water. Our neighborhood beach serves folks of all ages and lifestyles so please be respectful of others, follow the rules and help keep our beach clean. 

For the summer of 2021, not much will change but in October, trail construction will begin. To follow along with updates and King County’s schedule, please visit the county’s updates here: kingcounty.gov/services/parks-recreation/parks/trails/regional-trails/popular-trails/east-lake-samm.aspx

Please continue to check our website for updates entitled, “King County Parks Trail Update, 2021” under the News & Events section.

We look forward to meeting you at the beach! 

Jennie and Dan Davidson

Beach Rules

To maintain a family-friendly environment, we do not allow smoking, vaping, fires or glass on the beach property. We continue to find several pieces of broken glass and it poses a serious risk of injury to our members. No dogs on Wednesdays and Sundays. Always pack in, pack out.


IBC Access

We have made significant changes to paying membership dues and accessing the beach this year. Instead of issuing keys, we now have easy access via a bluetooth lock box for which each household is given permissions to access. Keys will no longer be sent.


Go to the Beach! The beach is near the intersection of E. Lk Samm Pkwy and Inglewood Hill Rd. The parking area is just north of Inglewood Hill Rd, on the west side of the street. Follow the path from the parking lot to the trail, go south on the trail and look for the Inglewood Beach Club sign on the gate. read more >>

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