Your regular fix of sticker goodness:

Labels for Origins Jazz:

A total overhaul for Legacy Skyquake:

Battle worn, and glowing. Labels for Legacy Tarn:

We've recolored our entire set for Siege Omega to work for the Guardian Robot:

An absolutely astounding upgrade for Legacy Scraphook:

Legacy Shrapnel has been chromed up, and given the same treatment as Kickback:

A colossal set for Transmetal II Megatron, full of metallic reds and golds, of course:

Some finishing touches for Legacy Armada Hot Shot:

Metalhawk is looking sharp, with a litany of detail added his robot mode:

Better late than never, right? Labels for Centurion Drone:

Some simple, but effective additions for studio series Crosshairs:

Fanstoys Roadking receives beautiful new stripes in his set, and a separate set for cel-shaded windows: