• If you are an active 2022 member, the beach will remain open during the East Lake Sammamish Trail (ELST) project, and you can learn more about that here. After removing structures outside of our property line, we've cleaned the entire space and made it ready for our families to enjoy the 2022 summer season. 
  • We can no longer install and maintain structures outside of our property boundary, so there is no space for boat storage at IBC. Please bring your boats and floatables in for day use only. Any left behind will be removed.
  • We will no longer require keys or lockbox access during construction. We will be enforcing members-only policies and prosecute trespassers to the full extent of state laws. 
  • It's essential we all continue paying our membership dues for this year and future years, enabling us to continue owning and operating our private space. Please see details in the President's Message below for annual maintenance, taxes, and insurance costs to operate IBC.


The beach needs you!

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Annual IBC Member Meeting

June 4 at 10 am

At the beach!

Join your Board and other members down at the beach for our IBC Annual Meeting. We usually start with some beach cleanup and follow with our Summer Kick-Off Party; however, with COVID, we will bring some simple packaged snacks to enjoy while discussing business and showing important trail updates and impacts to our beach. We will also have a raffle for those members in attendance!

This is a great chance to meet other IBC members, and we will be voting on open board positions (many members of our current board have hit the maximum term limits, and we have unexpected vacancies) and other essential membership changes - including important topics regarding the trail update and impact to our beach.

(Note: Per IBC Bylaws, your shares in the beach increase by showing up!)

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Per King County requirements, there will no longer be a lock on the trail gate to enter our beach...

As a reminder, annual dues have been in place for members of Inglewood Beach Club not to secure the beach; it’s private property, so it’s secured just like our personal properties are secured from others. Like our homes, we must pay pay for insurance and property taxes, maintain, replace/repair broken items, and improve the property. If we don’t have members paying dues to maintain this property, we will need to sell it. Given the minimal public space on Lake Sammamish, this would be a significant loss for our families. Please ensure you are an active paying member when utilizing the beach and help give friendly reminders to others too! 

President's Message

Hi neighbors!  Whether you are new to IBC or a long-time resident, it's the time of year when the weather is changing, we see that glowing yellow ball in the sky more days than not, and we start to think about the coming summer of enjoyment we can all spend at the beach together.  Our little gem of Inglewood Beach is ready and waiting for us - whether to take the dog for an early morning swim, picnic at the tables before enjoying a cool dip in the afternoon, or settling in for a beautiful sunset from chairs on the shore.  Personally, I took my first plunge of the year on January 1st for a polar bear dip with some IBC friends - maybe next year more can join for an IBC community New Year's dip!

If you were down to the beach within the last year, you may have noticed some things begin to change amidst preparation for the final section of the East Lake Sammamish Trail (ELST) project.  The final portion of the trail will begin construction starting this Spring, which includes the elevated trail adjacent to our beach property.  For more details and FAQs on this project and specifically the portion near our beach, I encourage you to check out what is referred to as the South Sammamish B Segment - Phase 2.  In preparation for the construction, we were required to take down fixtures on King County land, which included our shed and boat storage, as well as remove any debris, and ensure IBC assets (such as tables and chairs) resided on our side of the property markers.  Similar to the access gates along the north portion of the path that are completed, the county requires that all locks are removed from pathway gates, so you will see that the lock is no longer on the IBC gate along the trail path.  You may have also seen the start of a wood-chip walking trail that snakes along the beachfront property lines.

The county has assured that our beach access will not be impacted during trail development, so the beach is open for fun, sun, swimming, and more!  Our first community event of the year is the IBC annual meeting on Saturday, June 4th at 10am, so I’m looking forward to seeing new and familiar faces down at the beach.  It'll be a great session to enjoy some shared time at the beach, catch-up on monthly board discussions, share thoughts on trail changes, hear ideas for shaping the future of the beach, and moreover, put those ideas into action by joining the board and monthly meetings.

If you can't make the annual meeting, feel free to reach out to the board ([email protected]) if you have any questions or concerns to raise for the community as a whole that we can discuss together.  In the meantime, I hope you have a safe and enjoyable time at the beach this year, and as a reminder, please review our Rules, Terms & Conditions to ensure a fun and respectful beach experience for all community members.

The IBC board is committed to better the beach experience for all by turning ideas into action, and since it's a volunteer-based community effort, we can only do that with your help!

Looking forward to great times and new memories at the beach this year, and hope to see you there.  Cheers!

Graham Bury  (Interim IBC President)

Beach Rules

To maintain a family-friendly environment, we do not allow smoking, vaping, fires, or glass on the beach property. We continue to find several pieces of broken glass, which poses a serious risk of injury to our members. No dogs on Wednesdays and Sundays. Always pack in, pack out.


IBC Access

We have made significant changes to paying membership dues and accessing the beach this year. Instead of issuing keys, the beach is now openly accessed however we are still sending lockbox access to paying members. Anyone who is not a paying member is trespassing. Please help remind others to stay current on their membership.


Go to the Beach!

The beach is near the intersection of E. Lk Samm Pkwy and Inglewood Hill Rd. The parking area is just north of Inglewood Hill Rd, on the west side of the street. Follow the path from the parking lot to the trail, go south on the trail, and look for the Inglewood Beach Club sign on the gate.


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