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Issue 200 / November 2019


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Design Your Zen-Inspired Interiors

Precious Pieces helps you design and coordinate traditional to modern Japanese style interiors. From custom Washi parchment wall coverings to Shoji screens and Japanese Tatami mats, we work closely together with craftsmen in Japan and we can supply what you need to realize your dream room.


Make A Big Statement with Large Sheets - 30 X 100 feet

No designer wants his or her vision interrupted. Whether functional or aesthetic, an art hanging or dividing screen with unsightly seams is not an option for your discerning clients. Using materials that have to be "pieced together" limits what you can create. But not with Washi architectural parchment from Precious Pieces. Since Washi is custom made and available in continuous sheets as large as 30 x 100 feet, you can let your imagination run wild and deliver a one of a kind, over the top piece without limits.


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